How to install Basemapper for Wordpress.

Installation should take only a few minutes.

  1. Download the plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/basemapper/‚Äč

  2. Upload the basemapper plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

  4. You can now access the Basemapper admin panel under Settings -> Basemapper. From there, you can add a global default Map ID from the Dashboard. You can find your Map ID on the General Settings tab for your map.

Using the shortcode

Once your Map ID is added you can then use the [basemapper] shortcode on any page to render a map. If you have multiple maps and would like to specify a different map, you can override the global Map ID by specifying it in the shortcode like [basemapper map="89fb1f31-b36f-4d98-9dc4-90e7dd92a2ad"].

Using the widget

Widget availability will be based on your theme, but wherever you can add a widget you can select the Basemapper widget by clicking on Add a Widget and selecting Basemapper Store Locator.

For your map to render, you will need to register for a Mapbox API token. Once registered, you can access your token at https://account.mapbox.com/access-tokens/.